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Appracadabra is a Dutch publisher of wonderfully illustrated and educational apps for children. Every app has its own theme, like counting or relations between objects (small-big). We believe playing and tapping along is a good way to develop certain skills in your child. To make learning extra attractive our apps are designed by talented illustrators that have a passion for drawing picture books. Most of our apps are available in sixteen different languages ranging, from Arabic to Lithuanian and Swiss German.

Appracadabra team

The beginning
Every company has its own story and ours started at an Italian airport during a holiday. It was right there that Xander and Marlis realized that there were no nice children’s apps available in their own language (Dutch and Swiss-German). Back home Xander and Marlis started Appracadabra. Later on they asked Diana and Jochem to join them. Only one year later the first app, Count the Animals!, got published.

The team
marlis zimmermann appracadabraMarlis Zimmermann: designer, typography, books and all-purpose-box lover, straightening thinker. Founding partner of Appracadabra and design agency Chromosoom. Swiss girl living in the Netherlands with Dutch boy Xander and 2 cute kids (2005 and 2009).
 At Appracadabra to keep everybody focussed and make sure they do their magic.

xander wiersma appracadabraXander Wiersma: designer, motion lover, technology eater, enthusiast. Founding partner of Appracadabra and design agency Chromosoom. Dutch boy living with Swiss girl Marlis and 2 cute kids. 
At Appracadabra to make (up) the good stuff and help others doing the same.

jochem paarlberg appracadabraJochem Paarlberg: business & networking pro, serial entrepeneur. In his spare time traveling through Europe in a vintage Volkswagen camper van. At Appracadabra to make sure we will grow and bloom as good as we possibly can –  and better.

diana van ewijk appracadabraDiana van Ewijk: designer with a special love for marketing. Serial entrepreneur at Ozowiezo, Homemade Happiness and MamaMarketing. Mother of two girls (2005 and 2008). 
At Appracadabra to tell the world about these neat and wonderful apps of ours.

Others: We work with a team of talented illustrators, native speakers, animation artists and programmers to create the wonderful world of Appracadabra.

  • Caroline Ellerbeck, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Xander Wiersma, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Homemade Happiness, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Uwe Stettler, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Zara Atelj, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Julie Hendriks, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Mesdemoiselles (Aurélie Castex and Claire Laude), Paris, France
  • Daniela Rütimann, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Marloes de Vries, Klazienaveen, The Netherlands
  • Marleen Heidweiller, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Corina Vögele, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Francien Verhulst, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


For press inquiries please contact
Diana van Ewijk
Marketing director
+31 6 4849 0837

For press materials visit our PressRoom at