About Appracadabra

Looking for wonderfully illustrated and educational apps for your children –  in their own language? Try us!
Every single one of our apps is lovingly drawn by a talented illustrator.
Each app has a playful yet educational element and most of our apps are available in 16 different languages, ranging from Arabic to Lithuanian and Swiss German.

About Us

staff appracadabra

We are Marlis, Xander, Jochem and Diana.
Appracadabra was born at the blazing hot Milanese airport when Marlis and Xander, stressed – only a tiny little bit – by two bored kids, realised they couldn’t find children’s apps in their own language.
Right after their Sicilian holiday they started Appracadabra. They soon asked Jochem and Diana to help them build their brand.

The Hague, a friendly city at the Dutch seaside, is our hometown. From here the four of us are working real hard to publish wonderful children’s apps in 16 different languages – so waiting at the airport – or any place else, for that matter – with small kids will be a little more pleasant.

This is us

marlis zimmermann appracadabraMarlis Zimmermann: designer, typography, books and all-purpose-box lover, straightening thinker. Founding partner of Appracadabra and design agency Chromosoom. Swiss girl living in the Netherlands with Dutch boy Xander and 2 cute kids (2005 and 2009).
 At Appracadabra to keep everybody focussed and make sure they do their magic.


xander wiersma appracadabraXander Wiersma: designer, motion lover, technology eater, enthusiast. Founding partner of Appracadabra and design agency Chromosoom. Dutch boy living with Swiss girl Marlis and 2 cute kids. 
At Appracadabra to make (up) the good stuff and help others doing the same.


jochem paarlberg appracadabraJochem Paarlberg: business & networking pro, serial entrepeneur. In his spare time traveling through Europe in a vintage Volkswagen camper van. At Appracadabra to make sure we will grow and bloom as good as we possibly can –  and better.



diana van ewijk appracadabra

Diana van Ewijk: designer with a special love for marketing. Serial entrepreneur at Ozowiezo, Homemade Happiness and MamaMarketing. Mother of two girls (2005 and 2008). 
At Appracadabra to tell all the world about these neat and wonderful apps of ours.



We work with a team of talented illustrators, native speakers, animation artists and programmers to create the wonderful world of Appracadabra.

Want to know more about us?
Sure! Just contact us at info@appracadabra.com and one of us will get back to you, asap.

And now… try us!
Please take a look at our apps. You’ll find them at our website: www.appracadabra.com.
Wanna try one out? No problem: download a free light version in the AppStore or at the Android Market.
Please note: our first app will be available August 2011.

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See you around,

Marlis, Xander, Jochem & Diana

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