Fresh freebie: mini posters + a great kids Quiz app!


Don’t you think kids should be inspired wherever they look?
Well, we do. And so we make apps that are beautiful (or at least we think they are!)

That’s why we just love Oh Marie! Magazine: beautiful both inside and out, featuring wonderful pictures, fab DIYs and a shared love for thriftshop treasure hunting.

In honour of their Winter Harvest issue we made you a free set of four fresh mini-posters…
Veggie galore!

Free mini-posters to pretty up your wall

These winter harvest mini-posters are hand lettered by inhouse calligrapher Marlis! Print & hang on the wall of your kitchen, nursery or kids room – enjoy fresh fruit every day.

> download the free  mini poster ‘Apple’

There’s four of them, so if you don’t like apple, please try a pumpkin, some grapes or a red hot chili pepper!


> download the free  mini poster ‘Pumpkin’



> download the free  mini poster ‘Grapes’


> download the free  mini poster ‘Red Hot Chili Pepper’

Wanna play with your vegetables?

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quiz app for kids, by appracadabra

Got kiddies who don’t know their veggies all too well yet? Appracadabra to the rescue!
Fresh Kids Quiz App shows kids a table full of veggies, then asks which one is the spinach. It dares them to race each other picking red fruits that grow on trees. Over 100 questions will help them identify 57 different types of fruits and vegetables, encourage them to try new ones and help them develop a healthy lifestyle.

Word of warning: if you’re too late, a snail will come to eat that juicy peach…

download kid’s quiz app Fresh for free!

(until december 7th 2013)

Fresh is hand-painted by Swiss illustrator Zara Atelj. This children’s app is designed especially for the iPad and is spoken in 20 languages, including Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Fresh Kids Quiz app vegetables

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