Illustrator Interview: Zara Atelj

Our newest kid’s app is called Fresh. It’s a quiz that teaches children all about fruit & vegetables – by playing with them.
The colorful illustrations teach children what their food looks like before it’s chopped, sliced and diced.
The fruit and veggies are yummie looking – no surprise as the lady who illustrated them is a true foodie.

Read our interview if you wanna know more…

Zara atelj illustrator Fresh fruit and vegetable quiz for kids, app

Zara Atelj: Swiss gone Dutch illustrator of Fresh

It should be no surprise that the illustrator of Fresh not only loves colorful, smelly foodmarkets, but loves to cook too.
With her boyfriend Jeroen she cooks up to 7 recepies over the course of one weekend. From Japanese to the Swiss kitchen, or even an African classic. A good thing: this is far too much to eat in two days… so during the week she has time to illustrate!

fresh kids app appracadabra fruit vegetable quiz

Some may ask: when did the love of illustration awoke?
Actually, uhm, it didn’t…
As a child, she was never bored. There was always something going on at home.
Playing, crafting and drawing could be done without any boundaries – without any parental pressure.

fresh kids app appracadabra fruit vegetable quiz

How different this was on school, where you had to do assignments and stuff. Or on music course. She chose the trumpet, because nobody played it. The teacher would give her a test if she presumed that Zara did not practiced enough. Being in an official class was obviously not her piece of cake.

fresh kids app appracadabra fruit vegetable quiz

There was only one thing she liked to be taught: swimming. One saturday her father saw her love for swimming and he gave her up for a private lesson from a professional teacher. That teacher recognized her skills and asked her to join the competition swimming course. She did, and in one year time, she became third of the junior Swiss in 200m Fly. Impressive, right?

fresh kids app appracadabra fruit vegetable quiz

She went to school without really liking it. She even almost dropped out as a decoration-student. But, like a bad book, you somehow have to read it all…
And in the end she finished it. This gave her the opportunity to go to the Academy of Fine Arts in Basel, Switzerland.
And there she finally found her second home. In textile design she could revive her childhood passion for experimenting.

fresh kids app appracadabra fruit vegetable quiz

And now? Well, she’s still mixing up all the ingredients: love for food, textile design and the lack of boundaries.
The result?
A colourful life AND a beautiful app, with handmade illustrations of vegetables and fruit and of course pretty backgrounds that would look fab in your kitchen or on your dining table.

A little more patience please…

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quiz app for kids, by appracadabra

Fresh – Fruit and Vegetable Quiz will be available on the AppStore pretty soon.
We’re tying up all loose ends as we speak!

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PS: wanna see more of this fab work?
Please check Zara Atelj’s website for more beautiful illustrations, drawings and designs!


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