Meet Robin & Dob


“Your child has to practice math more!”, says the teacher. You know it, but you also know your child has totally different interests. So… how to get your child into math? Meet Robin and Dob! An iPad app which is fun to play and at the same time you are practicing your math skills!


Robin the silly robot and Dob the cute dog are your two buddies to practice with. They will guide you through easy and difficult sums. And help you when you need it. You will get great rewards and after each level you can do a cool time challenge.


And there is more! Earn stars for your own diploma. Place your own photo or one of 24 funny characters on it and share it to your family and friends. They will be guaranteed proud!




What happen if your child get stuck? Do not worry, the 5 help-tools in the game are well tested on children, parents and teachers. So you will always be able to solve the sum! Actually, that is not the real problem, but letting them quit the app and go to bed is!

“You can only harvest math skills if an App has an perfect balance between game and real math”, says Game Designer Xander Wiersma. “If it is to much of a game, you will not learn. If it is to much of practicing, you will not play”.





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