‘Count the Animals!’ – now on the AppStore

Count the Animals, children's app for iPad and iPhone by Appracadabra and Caroline Ellerbeck

Yes! After months and months of hard work, a lot of laughter and a few tears our very first children’s app ever is now on the AppStore!

‘Count the Animals!’ is illustrated by Caroline Ellerbeck, a renown Dutch illustrator who lives in Rotterdam, in the West of the Netherlands.

Learn to count from one to 20 – in 16 different languages

‘Count the Animals!’ is all about basic mathematic: learning to count from 1 tot 20. Not just ordinary counting, mind you… No, in this app you’ll have to ride a stubborn pony, catch a whole lot of jumping fleas and try to rescue a stack of jars with tadpoles in them… every time you tap on an animal, something strange or funny happens!
You can have a voice over in your own language reading the numbers to you, or you can count by yourself. And, for older kids: you can even count backwards – or, better yet: learn to count in Arabic, German, French or Polish!

‘Count the Animals’ is available in 16 different languages, for iPhone – GO GET IT NOW! And please let us know what you think about it – we would appreciate that very much.

(and thank you so much for sticking with us all these months – we promise to speed things up a little from now on…)

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