Just Colors: now on the AppStore!

Yeehaw! Our educational game app Just Colors for kids is now available on the AppStore!

Just Colors: go on a hunt & create your own book of colors!

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From a yellow bus to that cute chocolate brown kitten – by snapping pictures of colorful objects, kids create their own book of colors!

Start with basic colors like red, yellow and blue, or discover subtler hues like violet and turquoise. Run around the house and photograph your fire truck for ‘red’, then go outside and snap a picture of the sky for ‘blue’. Or take the hunting game a bit further: who finds a carmine car first?

Great color hunting and learning app for kids aged two and up!


  • 23 color flash cards
  • camera option to create your own custom cards
  • switch off the voice-over and guide your child yourself
  • switch on the voice-over and let your child play by itself
  • intuitive, kid-friendly gameplay
  • contains 21 languages, from Arabic to Portuguese to Swiss German and many more

The intuitive gameplay empowers kids to document their world – and parents to review and talk about their color choices. Just Colors is a great app for learning together.

This is a Kind Kids App. It does not contain in-app purchase, advertisements, external links, hidden tracking software or social network integration.

Just Colors is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – GO GET IT NOW!

And please let us know what you think about it – leave a review! We would appreciate that very much.

Happy color hunting!

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