Powers of Ten: ‘Miss Huge’ for Adults.

My daughter came to me one day. In her one hand she was holding a dollhouse inhabitant of about 8 centimeters. In her other hand she was holding a red car, a metal playing car of not more than 4 centimeters.

With big blue eyes she asked me to help her. I looked at her firmly held dollhouse person pressing him in her car. When I said to her it will not work, she gasped at me uncomprehending.

As grown-ups we can easily understand the scale of things.
A resident of a dollhouse of 10 centimeters will not fit in a car of 4 centimeters.
A mosquito is smaller as an elephant.
And the sun is bigger as the moon, even if they look like they have exact the same size.


Anyway, sometimes even I get  blown away by the unimaginable scale of things.


The powers of Ten

For instance I saw this movie from 1977: ‘Powers of Ten’.
The film starts at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago. Every ten seconds you will be viewing the starting point from ten times farther out until your own galaxy is visible only as a speck of light among many others. Then the film zooming back to the picnic and zooms in and in to the hand of the sleeping picnicker… mindblowing!


This is definitely ‘Miss Huge’ for Adults!

The concept of size… for wee ones

Is The powers of Ten a little to mind blowing for your little one?

Make the concept of size graspable with educational kids app ‘For Miss Huge’

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