Sneak Peek: Just Colors (VIDEO)

Almost time… after the weekend we’ll be launching Just Colors, our 4th kid’s app!

Just Colors is a great way to teach your kids about colors. Set out on a color hunt and take photographs of colorful objects. Photographed all 23 colors? Then your kid has created its own personalised book of colors – pretty neat, no?

‘Just Colors’ is great for kids aged two and up. The intuitive gameplay empowers kids to document their world – and parents to review and talk about their color choices. Just Colors is a great app for learning together.

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The-Color-Catcher-Game- freebie printable by Appracadabra kid's app Just Colors

Do sign up, here, we’ll be sending all subscribers this oldskool paper board game. All your iDevices occupied or out of power? No worries… just go on a color hunt with your kids with this Color Catching Game!

Happy weekend for now and do make sure to check us out on Monday November 12th…

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