The small letters mailbox


Kids love making, sending and receiving mail. And I mean no digital one, but real drawings, envelopes and small letters. Especially when you get it in your own  mailbox… So what happened when our homemade mailboxes were installed outside? Our children received bunch of mail from our neighborhood kids. It did not take long before all other parents were making mailboxes too! And kids were running around with snail-mail.



Want to make your own mailbox? It is not too hard, but also not incredible easy. Some tips: use an old drawer or wooden wine case to start. For further tips, see below.


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Designer, motion lover, technology eater, enthusiast. Founding partner of Appracadabra and design agency Chromosoom. Dutch boy living with Swiss girl Marlis and 2 cute kids. 
At Appracadabra to make (up) the good stuff and help others doing the same.

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