Free Goodie: our Color Catching game!

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As you may or may not know: we give away a freebie with every app we launch! Not an electronical freebie, but something printable. To hang on the wall or to enjoy at the kitchen table. With the launch of Just Colors we will give away this fun little color catching game… for some serious offline gaming 🙂

The Color Catching Game

The gameplay is ridiculously simple:

  • Gather your kids and craft the dice.
  • Then choose and craft your favourite pawn.
  • Set up the board and… roll the dice!

The first player who reaches the outside of the circle wins. Sounds childish to you? Don’t worry, we built in two extra set of rules for true dare devils and master minds….

Great for all those moments when your iDevices are down or when you just want to enjoy a nice family moment at the kitchen table.

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