Cookie Monster gone veggie…

“…Banana or plum, they will make you goo YUM!”

If even Cookie Monster says so, than it must be true, right?

But… what’s a plum?

Not all kids are familiar with all types of fruit and vegetables.
Truth is: a lot of kids don’t know the difference between a plum and an eggplant – they’re both purple.

Teach kids about fruit and vegetables

My 4YO got confused when I showed her an aspargus…
True, we don’t eat aspargus that often, so that explains a lot, but still…
I promised myself to take the kids to the farmers market every week and teach them what fruit looks like before it gets sliced and diced. In the meantime we’ll be learning this song by Cookie Monster by heart!

Healthy food, it tastes so good… 🙂


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