6 red cheeks (and 1 slightly blue moon)

paper picture book appracadabraWhenever i walk around fleamarkets, hoping to score books, i am always captured by the cover first. When a cover grabs me,  i open the book, read a little, look at the other images, read a little more, check the back side… and than i decide to buy – or not.

The cover of ‘Son of the White Mare’, a hungarian folk tale, however, i instantly liked very much… It did not really matter what’s happening on inside: I bought it anyway.

Thankfully, the inside of “Fehérlófia”, by hungarian László Arany ,was not disappointing either: a sweater is a house, flowers and birds are all over the clothes and there is a very happy end, with no less than 6 red cheeks! Es wurde eine grosse Hochzeit gefeiert, und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, leben sie noch heute…

Animation from the Eighties

Here’s a snippet of the animation that was made back in the 80s. In this scene you see the birth of the Son of the White Mare. Word of warning: it’s not as sweet as you might think it is… But it’s very beautiful!


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