Vintage Picture Book: Moon Man

Vintage Picture Book Appracadabra


If you look up on a bright nightly sky you see of course thousands of stars twinkle. But also the moon, bright like a sun at night. And if you look carefully, there is this little man inside the moon. The little man looks at the earth with yearn to also dance among the people. One night he caught the fiery tail of a falling star and comes down to earth.

This is the beginning of a fantastic story. Where the soft moon man meets an army of not too friendly people. He finds out that jail breaking is best to do when the moon is new and that masked balls are really his thing.

Vintage Picture Book Appracadabra


But after a while, the moon man finds out that the earth is not his cup of tea and longs back for his home again. How he gets back there? Find  a copy of this 45-year old expressively drawn picture book of Tomi Ungerer. We were lucky to find one on a flea market for only one euro!

Of course we would love an App made by him… so, uhm, Tomi, if you are reading this, please let us know if you interested to illustrate an App for us… we would be extremely honored.

By the way, the moon man meets an old and lonely scientist in a castle with a moon spaceship. More I really can not say.


Vintage Picture Book Appracadabra


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