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Caroline Ellerbeck Illustrator


Caroline Ellerbeck illustrator at Appacadabra

Born in 1975, lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Caroline is a wellknown illustrator in the Netherlands. She published various picture books, like a book about Sinterklaas, for the Dutch Little Golden Books.
She runs a webshop in printables for kids’ parties: ‘Homemade Happiness’ and she illustrated various books and posters for Dutch Flow Magazine.

Caroline Ellerbeck lives and works in a beautiful townhouse. Her sun splashed studio is overlooking the garden, and has a lovely view on a pear tree, a herb garden and lots of flowers.
This is her favourite place to work. It’s filled with picture books, both vintage finds as her own work. Having her studio situated in the heart of her home gives her the possibility to work whenever there’s time, while still staying in touch with family life.

As a child, Caroline was very fond of drawing endless dolls, dressing each one of them in a different dress, with matching shoes and silly hats. After creating a doll, she would also draw a house, with a little kitchen, a sink and even pots and pans – thus creating an entire world on a sheet of paper.

Caroline is an educated graphic designer, who worked as an art director for a renown Dutch agency. But she soon quit her job, as she felt like something was missing – she wanted to create worlds again. So now she does: in pen and ink, with scissors or paint, on the computer or in ball point – whichever material she finds suitable for the world developing under her hands.

Seeing her drawings coming to live in ‘Count the Animals!’ makes her feel like she could actually enter the world she created herself. Almost perfect.


Caroline Ellerbeck illustrator at AppacadabraCaroline Ellerbeck illustrator at Appacadabra

Apps illustrated by Caroline

  • Count the Animals!