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  • Miss Huge

    For Miss Huge
  • Fresh

  • Count the Animals!

    Count the Animals!
  • Learn your Colors

    Learn your Colors
  • Puppet Show

    Puppet Show
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School Countdown



Each of our apps comes with a free printable.
We like to make our apps tangible plus we just like to share cool stuff.
Check out our printables below and see if you like them!


Download the For Miss Huge printable here
(pdf contains 3 animals, 400 kb.)

Download the Puppet Show printable here

(pdf contains 3 A4 pages, 872 kb)
Theater Printables

Download the Count the Animals! printable here
(pdf contains 7 A4 posters, 900 kb. Numbers 1 to 6 separate and all 6 numbers on one poster)

Download the Fresh printable here
(pdf contains 12 pages, 5.2 Mb)
Fresh Printables
Download the Learn your Colors printable here

(pdf contains 2 A4 pages, 144 kb)

Appracadabra - Just Colors - Color Catching Game - PrintableAppracadabra - Just Colors - Color Catching Game - Printable

Download the First Day of School Countdown printable here

(pdf contains 1 A4 page, 360 kb)

First Day of School Countdown Printable