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Homemade Happiness Illustrator


Homemade Happiness - Ilustrator at Appracadabra

Homemade Happiness is run by Caroline Ellerbeck and Diana van Ewijk, both born in 1975 and living and working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – only a few blocks and a river apart.

Caroline is an illustrator, Diana a graphic designer. Together they run Homemade Happiness, a studio that designs printable parties (like garlands, cake toppers and party hats), to help busy parents celebrating the little things in life.

Caroline and Diana were classmates at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. After graduation they worked together at the academy’s design studio. In that world of typographic letter lovers they had a common ground: they both loved a more whimsical approach of design.

After working together intensely for a year, they both studied and found jobs in Amsterdam. Things got busy… They used to meet up at a coffee shop at Schiphol Airport, to talk about their fancy jobs and busy schedule. Then… they both got kids and life got even more busy. Very busy.

After the birth of her second daughter Diana felt she was missing something. “Time flies,” she thought, “and it seems to fly even faster with kids around.” She wanted to celebrate the little things in life more often – and more elaborate. Caroline felt the same way and they teamed up again to start Homemade Happiness.
Their work is inspired by vintage toys and picture books, and, of course, by the things their children do.

“We love that we can now help parents celebrating the little things in life via their iPhone!” says Caroline. Diana adds: “That’s the one thing parents carry with them all the time, and it’s great to think there’s a little party hiding in there somewhere!”


For a more in depth interview with Caroline check:

Party picture from Homemade Happiness - illustrator at AppracadabraVintage children's books from Homemade Happiness - illustrator at Appracadabra

Apps illustrated by Homemade Happiness

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