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Count the Animals! 

Witty interactive picture book for toddlers and pre schoolers learning to count.




Count the Animals! Reviews


Junior MagazineBest Educational App 2012 - Junior Design Award

Junior Magazine awarded Count the Animals! as best Educational App 2012!
“… it’s the playful illustrations and animation that make it truly memorable …”

bloesem kids

Learning to count in Arabic, Dutch, Swiss German or just in English? You can now in the prettiest way possible with ‘Count the Animals!’

Babyccino Kids

Count the Animals is wonderfully well designed with beautiful graphics and fun sounds, and it’s also full of cute little jokes like frogs starting to jump, dogs starting to poo, a lady catching butterflies and lice jumping from one head to the other. How can you resist? Count the Animals is perfect for children in the process of learning to count, as it is designed to help children develop the pre-math skill of connecting numbers to quantities.

Technology in (Spl) Education

Whenever I hear counting app, these questions pop up in my mind immediately: How many counting apps do we have? Do we need another one? Can any one do a bettter job than what is already out there?  The team at Appracadabra created an app that is unique, funny and yet interactive picture book format app. I absolutly love this for the qualify of graphics and the way they presented counting. …. Overall impression: An awesome app that engages kids while teaching counting.

Some reviews from the App Store:

Great app for toddlers! The best part about it is that it is pretty much locked down – our baby can’t stumble across the settings to change something accidentally.

This app is not only engaging and educational, they know exactly how to get a pre-schoolers attention! My 2 year old LOVES all the crazy antics that happen and he laughs and has fun while learning! AAA++++

My daughter loves this game. I’m fairly certain this game is the reason my daughter can count past 13, where she was stuck for so long.


I think a new winner has emerged. Count the Animals! is exceptionally pretty and exceptionally clever. It’s visually very appealing – simple but quirky characters in a palette of coral, turquoise, plum and black combined with animals that appear and disappear as you count. Rabbits are pulled out of hats, turtles are used as stepping stones and there are butterflies to net (although I bet the first thing your kids notice are the dogs doing a wee and a poo!).

Apps 4 Kids

“Why we think it is great?
Delightful illustrations in a clear interface and available in 16 languages!”

the iPhone mom

Count the Animals! is not your average counting app. This is a very quirky and charming app, each number is represented by an off-beat illustration. The graphics are unique and will cause plenty of giggles.