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Learn your Colors 

Kids app to learn colors




Learn your Colors reviews


Bambino Goodies

The Just Colours app from Appracadabra is fun. It’s all about recognising and identifying colours. It’s simple, but Lola loves it. We will be adding this one to the iPad Mini Lola’s getting for Christmas!

Apps Playground

One of the things we’re excited about going into 2013 is the growing number of children’s apps that use the iPhone or iPad’s camera, getting kids to look at the real world as part of their digital play. … (With Just Colors children) wander around discovering 23 colours, based on flash cards, although they can create their own too. We like the idea that the app is designed to be used not just by kids on their own (although they can), but also by you and your child together.

Hip & Hot

… Just Colors from Appracadabra helps the development of my 2.5 yr old son who is currently discovering colors …