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Saskia Lanka Composer


Saskia Lanka - Composer at Appracadabra

The very moment we stepped into the room where her grand piano stands, Saskia starts playing it. Only not in a way you would expect from a pianist. First she presses a ballpoint against the strings and touches the keys. It makes a sharp trembling sound. She also makes sounds putting screws between the strings or striking her daughter’s toys over them. With a twinkle in her eyes she says these are beautiful sounds. And beautiful they are… I never experienced a grand piano making music in this way.

Saskia’s love of music started even before she was born – her parents were dedicated listeners. They listened to Pink Floyd and to J.S. Bach and everything in between. From crib to first steps, from her first words to first time bicycling – Saskia’s ears were always filled with the sounds of music.

Being a student at a Waldorf School, she soon got her first flute – and harp! It didn’t take her long to play all the songs she knew. It was time for a bigger challenge: she tried the piano.

She went to Royal Conservatory in The Hague at the age of thirteen – a young and talented girl. It was exercise, practice and training every second. But Saskia insisted on discovering the secrets of music. When she plays the piano, there can be no concessions – it has to be perfect. And beautiful.

Although she usually plays ‘indie-classical’ music, she loved working on the children’s app ‘Theater’. As a musician she loves the magic of telling tiny stories with music. And as a mother of two girls, the value of sparkling the imagination is tremendous.
She was thankful to be a part of it… and so are we!

Piano Saskia Lanka - Composer at AppracadabraPiano Saskia Lanka - Composer at Appracadabra 2

Saskia composed the music for

  • Theater