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Lär Färger Available for USD 1.99 at the App Store

Go on a color hunt & create your own color guide


Preview of Just Colors - Appracadabra


Ålder: 2+
‘Lär Färger’ innehåller följande språk:
svenska, arabiska, danska, engelska, finska, franska, grekiska, holländska, italienska, japanska, kinesiska, koreanska, litauiska, norska, polska, portugisiska, ryska, slovakiska, spanska, schweizertyska, tyska.
Ladda ner ‘Lär Färger’ for you iPod, iPhone or iPadLadda ner ‘Lär Färger’
för iPad, iPhone och iPod touch

From a yellow bus to a chocolate brown kitten – your kids create their own colour guide by snapping pictures of colorful objects. Start with basic colors like red, yellow and blue, or let them discover subtler hues like violet and turquoise. Go on a color hunt together: who finds a carmine car first?

Teach your young child 23 colors – in a playful way! Older kids can learn 23 colors – in 21 different languages. Play together or switch on the voice-over and let your child play by itself.

‘Lär Färger’ is great for kids aged two and up. The intuitive gameplay empowers kids to document their world – and parents to review and talk about their color choices. Just Colors is a great app for learning together.