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Uwe Stettler Illustrator


Uwe Stettler illustrated For Miss Huge, an app by Appracadabra

Born in 1974, lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland

Uwe’s studio smells like pencils and is filled with witty work. There are life-sized paper mache animals everywhere. And in the centre of it all sits a big screen to get all those drawings and figures in a digital world.

The funny thing is, Uwe did not became an illustrator immediately. He had interest (among others) for woodworking and fine mechanics. This, in combination with a passion for music, made him longing to be an instrument builder. He didn’t play an instrument himself, but he found out there is one (only one!) instrument you can build without the skills of playing it: the organ. So Uwe became, very romantic, a builder of organs.

His instrument building career lasted for no more than a blue year. How romantic this profession sounded, so hard was the future of organ building: none. So he ran back to start an alternative future- to make a long story short: he became an illustrator.

Uwe enjoys to make his own story in the illustrations – not just a one-on-one translation of the original text. He wants to give the text a deeper thought with his images.

Apart from the need to enrich a text by illustrating, he also loves it when someone approaches his work in an unexpected way. Therefore Uwe loved the twists in the animations for ‘Miss Huge’. “It was completely different of what I had in mind. Nice!”, Uwe said after he saw the first prototype.

Uwe already signed up to illustrate a second app. But this time it is gonna be something completely different… So keep an eye on the next Uwe-app!


Uwe Stettler AppracadabraUwe Stettler Appracadabra

Apps illustrated by Uwe

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