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Xander Wiersma Illustrator


Xander Wiersma, illustrator of Theater, an app by Appracadabra

Born in 1976, lives and works in The Hague, The Netherlands

An app publisher / designer /illustrator – Xander is a very versatile kind of guy. But drawing always was his first love.

As a little boy he loved tracing images: whole Encyclopedia of Fauna went under his pencil, of course with a sheet of tracing paper in between. Later on, copying became more interesting: the Atlas of Human Anatomy was copied in no time, cover to cover.

Too young to go to the art academy, Xander finished an education in advertising and worked a few years in the fast-paced advertising bussiness. This was clearly not his big love and as soon as the opportunity presented itself he jumped train and went straight to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

The years at the art academy were very intense and mind stretching. Next to illustrating he loved thinking up concepts, drawing letters, filming and photographing, doing interactive design, installations and all sort of movement. To Xander, graphic design seemed to naturally capture all these disciplines – it looked like it was his road to happiness.

And then… he felt in love with a Swiss Girl and became a frequent traveller to Switzerland. After a while Swiss Girl came to Holland. They worked at separate Dutch design studios, then went to work in Italy together, then came back to Holland again. In The Hague they founded a graphic design studio. Then they had two children and then… they founded Appracadabra. And so they came back to the beginning: illustrating! This time combined with graphic design, interactive design, making films and concepts.

“The great thing is,” Xander says,”that I have the opportunity to make worlds so vivid that children can almost live in them – make it their own. That means my fingers and pencils are very itchy to draw new apps!”


Theater Big Bad WolfAnimals by Xander Wiersma - Appracadabra

Apps illustrated by Xander

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