Finally our little country is warming up! And along with the sun comes the craving for ice cream… homemade, if possible!

We are pleased to share 5 wonderful, easy-to-make ice cream recipes. Call your kids, share some quality time in the kitchen and then move yourselves and your homemade icecream to the nearest sunny spot – enjoy!

(frozen banana pic & recipe via Wholefood Market)

…or freeze a rainbow

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Don’t like bananas? No worries, you’ll find five different ice cream recipes on the Kind Kids App Facebook Page, right here. Go check it out -and make yourself a frozen rainbow.

(frozen rainbow pic & recipe via Babble)

Spend some quality time – offline

Even though I’ve got heaps of nice apps on my iPhone (which they love to play!) I like to do offline things with the girls too. Like solving mazes or teaching them how to draw or face painting. That’s why we are sharing 5 great things to do with your kids every week. Spend some quality time – offline!

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We love apps. But we found it hard to find really great apps. In our own language. So we decided to publish our own. And we launched the Kind Kids App Rules – a set of 10 rules to which we believe a good app should comply. We have found more publishers like us – you can find their outstanding kid’s apps here.

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