Two weeks until our second app Theater is available on the Appstore… I’m in dire need to distract the kids (and myself!) from this wait. So we will be playing circus soon!

Want to play offline too?

We have rounded up 5 great circus crafts and colouring pages – just perfect for little gals and boys who can’t stand waiting for that new app to arrive. Great to spend some quality time together – offline! Don’t like the circus? Why don’t you stitch a flower or build a robot – nice too, huh?

(circus act & photo by Made by Joel)

Like those crafts? Check for the links to the tutorials and more quality crafts on the Kind Kids App Fanpage – craft & play!

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kind kids app rules by appracadabra hig quality kids apps

As said, our kids love apps. We love apps too. But we found it hard to find really great apps. In our own language. So we decided to publish our own. And we launched the Kind Kids App Rules – a set of 10 rules to which we believe a good app should comply. We have found more publishers like us

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