Locating your store with Mave Shopify Store Locator

Mave Shopify Store Locator is a flexible store locator to help customers easily find nearby physical stores, retailers, and dealers selling their products online.

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Easy setup no coding

No configuration needed, no API key required. Just install the Shopify store locator app and add your locations.

Analytics & Statistics

Identify market opportunities with a heat map of searches and advanced data charts.

Geo Location

Help your customers find nearest locations by geolocation with our store finder Shopify feature.

Essential features for Mave Store Locator

Easy setup no coding

Geolocation Integration

Insightful Analytics

Search Filters

Customization Options

SEO Friendly Pages

We built a Shopify store locator that is designed to...

Increase in-store sales

Minimise customer questions

Establish brand reliability

Understand customer search patterns

Essential features for Mave Store Locator

Merchant View

Customer View

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Mave Shopify Store Locator

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