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No configuration needed, no API key required. Just install the Shopify store locator app and add your locations.

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Identify market opportunities with a heat map of searches and advanced data charts.

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Help your customers find nearest locations by geolocation with our store finder Shopify feature.

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They are all inspired by you and created to help you grow!

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They are all inspired by you and created to help you grow!

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Keeping customers engaged and interested is crucial for retention. Our personalized Suggestion Widget encourages customers to explore additional items, increasing the chances of repeat order.

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This dynamic feature offers your valued customers exclusive coupon codes that they can effortlessly redeem during their next purchase. Cultivating a continuous flow of loyal customers who keep coming back to buy from you again.

Brand Visibility

Boost your brand’s visibility and encourage customers to stay connected with your business on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and more. Our social media widget makes it simple for customers to start following your social media accounts directly from the Thank You page.

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Conversations powered by Appracadabra every year

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